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    Ban Appeal Forms [Read Before Posting]


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    Ban Appeal Forms [Read Before Posting]

    Post by MasqueradeXI on Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:36 am

    >> Ban Appeals <<

    If you've been falsely banned or feel your consequence is either unjustified or unfair, you may request the ban to be removed or reduced. Staff will evaluate all applications upon entering. Please refrain from posting a ban appeal if you are legitimately in the wrong.

    All applications are required to follow this standard layout.

    >> Copy and paste for all applications. <<

    IG Username:
    Reason for Ban:
    Length of Ban:

    >> Confused on a section? Here's a clarification sample. <<

    IG Username: Your minecraft username.
    Reason for Ban: Upon attempting to log into the server, what message do you recieve?
    Length of Ban: How long were you banned for?
    Explanation: What happened and why/how did it result in a ban?
    Appeal: Why do you think you deserve to have a reduced ban or be unbanned?

    >> Official example. <<

    IG Username: Bean2163
    Reason for Ban: Disobeying the rules.
    Length of Ban: 7 days.
    Explanation: Abused PVP privileges. TP'd to players and PVP'd them without warning.
    Appeal: Although I had been abusing my right to PVP in survival, I feel my ban is unfair because I returned all their gear after.

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