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    Ban Report Forms [Read Before Posting]


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    Ban Report Forms [Read Before Posting]

    Post by MasqueradeXI on Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:41 am

    >> Ban Reports <<

    >> Note: Evidence is mandatory. <<
    >> You may supply evidence with screenshots, logs, or specific times it occured. <<

    If a player or yourself is having an issue and no staff are online, but you need assistance, you may request this user to be warned or banned. Staff will evaluate all applications upon entering. Please refrain from posting a ban report if their actions aren't report worthy.

    All applications are required to follow this standard layout.

    >> Copy and paste for all applications. <<

    IG Username:
    Reason to Ban:

    >> Confused on a section? Here's a clarification sample. <<

    IG Username: The user in question's minecraft username.
    Reason to Ban: Why should they be banned?
    Evidence: Provide screenshots, chat logs, or a specific time in your timezone. Evidence is required.
    Explanation: Explain the situation in full detail or/if there are any other additional thoughts or questions.

    >> Official example. <<

    IG Username: Bean2163
    Reason to Ban: Disobeying the rules.
    Evidence: Screenshots linked [here], at approximately 3:30pm EST.
    Explanation: Abused PVP privileges. TP'd to players and PVP'd them without warning.

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