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    Staff Application Forms [Read Before Posting]


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    Staff Application Forms [Read Before Posting]

    Post by MasqueradeXI on Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:01 am

    >> Staff Applications <<

    >> Note: Staff applications are not always open, but feel free to leave a form for us. <<

    Interested in participating for being apart of the Reliquus team? Ypu may post an application for us to review. Staff will evaluate all applications upon entering.

    Be sure to answer honestly. If there are certain categories you'd like to keep private, you may inbox a staff member.

    Do not provide personal information such as skype usernames in your application.

    Please refrain from harassing staff members about your application. You may not recieve a reply if we're not currently accepting, but you will once we are.

    All applications are required to follow this standard layout.

    >> Copy and paste for all applications. <<

    IG Username:
    Skype [Yes/No]:
    Availability Online:
    Agreeance to Staff Rules [Yes/No]:

    >> Confused on a section? Here's a clarification sample. <<

    IG Username: Your minecraft username.
    Age: Your age.
    Timezone: Your timezone.
    Skype: Do you have skype or no?
    Availability Online: How often can you be online and active?
    Explanation: Why do you want to be on staff? Please provide a minimum of four sentences.
    Experience: What experience (if any) do you have when it comes to working on a server?
    Agreeance to Staff Rules: Do you agree and pledge to follow the rules?

    >> Official example. <<

    IG Username: Bean2163
    Age: 19
    Timezone: EST.
    Skype [Yes/No]: No.
    Availability Online: 2-3 hours.
    Explanation: I'm applying to be apart of staff to assist the server. I feel I have past knowledge to help out. [continued example n/a].
    Experience: Basics of plugins.
    Agreeance to Staff Rules [Yes/No]: Yes.

    >> Staff Rules. <<
    I. Do not use any powers associated with your staff position to commit the following:
    - Take advantage of in anyway.
    - Cheat with commands supplied.
    - Break rules that are meant to be followed by both players and staff members.
    II. Keep in mind to treat players with respect and generosity.
    III. Judge all issues, conflicts, and situatuons appropriately and fairly to all those involved.
    IV. An Apprentice (Trial-Mod) is not allowed to permanently ban any user.
    - If the apprentice sees fit a user deserves a permanent ban, report it to a different staff member.
    V. We follow a three strike basis, aside from rare occurances. Keep this in mind.

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